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How to Make Bubble Gum Flavor or Bubble Gum Flavor Recipe Formula

How to make Bubble Gum Flavor

I am the head flavorist at Candy Flavor Dot Com and it may surprise you but no one flavorist knows all flavors.  Each one has their special areas.  When the challenge to make bubble gum arose - it was a challenge.  Bubble Gum is a complex flavor but one great clue in making the flavor--is that the bubble gum flavor profile is limited to what materials we had fifty years ago!

I am not going to write this bubble gum formula out in chemical terms, although most bubble gum now is made with long sounding names.  I am going to try to depend on the materials we had fifty years ago.  Here is my basic bubble gum recipe based on "10 parts..." the key is really in the wintergreen, cinnamon and clove.  Fruits can vary a bit-but you will find this to be the "ticket."

3 parts banana flavor 3 parts pineapple flavor 2 parts wintergreen, 1 part cinnamon and 1 part clove.

As I said Bubble Gum flavor is complex and not just one or two notes.  The oldest formula included a fruit like "king fruit" or "passion fruit" but I find most any tropical flavor will pull through. 

You can usually get essential oils right at a health food store, although they are never as strong as ones you would buy on the internet. 

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